Little Big Adventure II

The dream continues...

Twinsen and Zoé  After his terrible struggle against the evil Fun-Frock, our hero Twinsen is enjoying some peace and quiet in a world he has just restored to harmony.

 But peace and quiet never last long... This adventure starts whenv a raging storm breaks, frightening the inhabitants of the planet Twinsun unused to such violence in the elements. The towering banks of dark clouds and crashing lightning bolts threaten all the islands in this peaceful little paradise.

 While attempting to reach Citadel Island, the Dino Fly (a sort of small winged dinosaur and a great friend of Twinsen) is struck by lightning. The little beast bravely tries to regain his balance but his injured wings can no longer supply the lift he needs to continue surfing the winds and he crashes violently into the ground just behind Twinsen's house.

Zoé  Zoé, our hero's partner, sees him fall. Fortunately, the animal is only wounded but Twinsen hurries off to find something to soothe its pain.

 A Dino Fly is a rather special character, so our hero has to travel to Desert Island to get help from a healing wizard.

 The storm now rages twice as fiercely and all communication between the islands has been cut.

Twinsen  Dashing through the tempest, our hero must face the dreaded Tralü, the legendary monster that haunts the cliffs of the citadel, to help the Weather Wizard confront the hurricane. Perched on top of the lighthouse, the Wizard at last speaks the incantation that scatters the raging thunderheads!!

 The first big surprise comes when a number of strange space vessels emerge from the sky and land downtown before anyone is able to move.

 Who are they? What are they doing here? When is Twinsen going to be able to cure his Dino-Fly? These are the question every player will be asking after the very first chapter, in this exhilarating 10-chapter game!!!

strange space vessel

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